"A New Horizon" lyrics


"A New Horizon"

Blew into town on the northern wind
a simple place but a pit of sin
I met a man he said he’d be my friend
with steely eyes and a shark toothed grin
He set me up and tried to bring me down
I called him out then people gathered round
then what they saw made them lose their minds
I left that town as it burnt behind and I…

Set my sights on a new horizon
across the sea so black
I set my sights on a new horizon
never looking back

Down and out at a seaside port
a troubled place where jacks and gypsies fought
The night was hot hypnotic music played
across the sky the lunar minstrels blazed
The liquor flowed and the tempers flared
set down my glass and I left them there
A mighty swell then brewed out at sea
it’s crushing waves set that whole place clean and I…

When you’re stagnant for too long
you’ll see nothing but the wrong
When you play the hangman
it’s your noose you’re swinging from

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