"Taken Apart" lyrics


"Taken Apart"

By the strength
Of your heart
Bad po-e-try
Aint gonna,
Rescue me

Cruising outside my favorite Walmart
Me and my buddies in a shopping cart
A man approaches me like a boy in blue
'cept he’s wearing green,
"I got a plan for you’
He says,
"Boy, I can see ya got rhythm and style
Bet those itchy trigger fingers make the ladies smile
I got the keys to yer brand new life
Your future scrubbing toilets, far behind
Just come back to my crib
Sign the dotted line
Girls will drop trou and yer moms will cry
Just like your daddy, we’ll give you a dose of pride
But these parades will start on time"

That’s when he touched my heart
With tales, of stripes and stars
Ain't gonna, RESCUE me!

Cruising down a sandy highway
With me and my buddy the American way
Tin foil thin doors cold got my back
When the lil sand niggaz launch a sneak attack

Next thing I’m flying
In the air
Arms flying off
Like I just don’t care
Fell like Jesus Christ cause I'm everywhere
Comin' back to earth,
Know when not where
Land right in a chair with the wheels of four
Predictably the pimps piss on their worthless whore
But I'll give em this, they kept one promise -
Without my arms - I can't clean up Shit!

Just Like Walmart
They got a bargain
On my parts
Bad poetry
Ain't gonna, rescue me

Will a corporation save me? Will my guns outblaze me?
Will I lay pipe across the sand? made from melted down wedding bands...!

Taken apart
By the strength,
Of plastic hearts,
Bad, poetry,
From a pen,
Between my teeth

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