"Smolka Polka" lyrics


"Smolka Polka"

We do the smolka, polka, the smolka polka, we do the smolka polka
It ain't no fuckin joke-a
We must do the smolka polka (Hey!)

Now find a girl that ya like
And Yank her off her bike
Now yell and cuss in her face
And put her in her place

now hold yer girl by her hood
Like the chief said ya could
arrest the lady and her bike
for saying somethin’ ya don’t like


Now make sure the cuffs are tight
And read her all her lost rights
Give her a little pat on the ass
‘cause the girl’s got sass (and how!)


we’ll call it resistin’ arrest
If they try to protest
Arrest anyone ya like
if they ride a fuckin bike...


………(refresher course: "remember")
Just find a critical mass
And be a pain in their ass
Obey yer C.E.O.‘s
Cause the people gotta go…

… and we’ll do the smolka, polka
Life ain't no fuckin joke-a
You must do the smolka polka (hey!)

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