"Rotgut" lyrics



Drink another 40
Now drink another 40
Now drink another 40
Yeah, that's 120
Now divide by 2
Again divide by 2
Once more divide by 2
That's your I.Q.
I can't believe all the fuckin things
Yer fuckin saying
You think yer Aristotle but you
Sound a bit more like Cliff Claven
I don't believe in the beauty of yer rut
I don't wanna smell the stench
Of liver of rotten death of living hell
You think you're a crusader but
The midnight dragon is all yer slayin'
All 5 of my senses are now seeking a
Safe haven.
The way you spray yer facts you know
You'd think you were fucking divine,
You've killed all yer brain cells and now
You've got your sights set on mine
Rotgut, try some carbon, take some mint
Rotgut, try carbon, take a hint-rotgut

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