"Good As It Gets" lyrics


"Good As It Gets"

Been away for so long
Not sure if I was ever there at all
Felt the love yeah, of a mother's arms
At least that's what I'm told to recall
About you
I felt love for just one night
If I could make it 2. I just might
I felt somethin' time made me forgot
As I laid,
Across your chest....

No regrets
Is this as good as it gets
Is this as good as it gets
Am I half as good, as half the rest
Am I half as good as second best.

With you I'll take chances, 3, 4 even more
Haven't built a bridge you've opened a door
I walk through and see what I see with you
Not concerned with what we find, when we're through...

And I blame you
You're as good as it gets
You're as good as it gets
yeah, yer as good as half the rest
yer twice as good as second best
I hope everyone has,
a second chance,
I hope everyone is fit to last,
I faith in almost, everyone,
cause it's a fool who thinks
a story is ever done..
now you've won

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