"Corporate Trash" lyrics


"Corporate Trash"

Be blessed to say
All the moneys gone
And were not fat
But anyway
We need to live our decorated lifestyles
This the way
I'll be coming for you and your cash someday

Corporate trash
Piece of crap
They won't play
Unless you pay

But it don't pay
Gonna be # 1 in the nation
Were getting played
Our videos in heavy rotation
We've come today
To take your money and take your taste away

Corporate trash
Piece of crap
They wont play
Unless you pay

Corporate trash
They wont play
Unless you pay

"your hearing it straight from choking victims
New corporate trash
Your money grubbing hands are on every band
And get carried out or get shut out
Your corporate nothing but corporate trash"

Fall to your knees…
And bow to the corporate trash…

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