"Worst Party Ever" lyrics


"Worst Party Ever"

Walking in with a pint in my hand
hoping to blackout again.
light the cigarette in my mouth,
cause its time to blow this party out

Through the door,
past the dog
down the stair
smoky fog
cracking beer,
taking drags,
starting fights
spreading lies,
now it feels
deja vu
lou's a mess
nothing new
now I hope
that the cops
aren't already here
here we go
passed the point
no return
going back
throwing Up
in the tub
taking shits
in the tank
Hitting on
ugly girls
just because
at this house
theres no one
thats worth our precious time

No ones ever safe when we come around
we're all hypnotized by this fucking sound
and in this moment it seems like forever
so raise your drinks to the worst party

as the party comes to an end I try to rise up again....
we're out of beer and out of luck theres people screaming what the fuck

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