"We Do Our Drinking Before Part B" lyrics


"We Do Our Drinking Before Part B"

You gotta fight for your right just to live another day.
Or you can end it now, and give it all away.
You gotta bend your back, to the point that it will break.
The world won’t give you anything, it’s something you have to take.
There’s no hope now, it’s up to you to change-
Handouts in this world don’t come so easily.
Take your shots and get up, again and again.
If it’s worth it in your heart, you’ll make it in the end.

I believe there’s a reason,
For everything. Times change like seasons.
We all go through the same things in the end.

You’ve got to get out there and face the world,
And fight it back with your flags unfurled,
Otherwise we’ll all lose our faith in the end.

What will you do?
Your scars are shining true.
Like a permanent tattoo,
Of a point in your life where you pulled through.
If life was so easy,
would it really have been worth it?
Could you… wake up tomorrow and say that you deserved this?

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