"Track 03" lyrics


"Track 03"

Tell me what you know about decency.
You are the only one that matters in your world.
Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine on my own.
I’m better off without you anyway.

You’d think that after all the times that I’ve been there for you,
Be there one time where you'd be there for me.
There’s only one thing that I’ve learned over the years;
You can’t put your faith in the ones you know someday will leave.

Like a streetlight on an empty road, you’ve left me in the dark.
Where you kept me so vulnerable, how could I let this happen to me?

You can’t tear me down, I won’t let things be this way.
You’ve taken advantage of me for the last time.
Think of me as a ghost, because I’m here but not for you.
I won’t let you take me for granted again.

No guiding light to show the path, got lost along the way,
Send a search and rescue team, I need some help to get out of this mess.

I’ll breathe in deep, and let it out.
Calm myself down because I can’t be here again.
I’ll count to ten, will I make it this time?
Or will I fall apart, I’ve made it to nine.

I’m way too far now theres no turning back,
Put my faith in you, though I knew it would never last.

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