"Flatline" lyrics



As pressure drops and beating ends, I flatline to join the dead.

These shallow thoughts are running through my head.
And it’s waking up my inner self.
These voices in my head are screaming let me out
I want to break free.

If I had a chance or a miracle
I'd bring you back the same and nothing would have changed.
There’s no second chance so live for today with no regrets.

It feels like my whole life just took a drastic change for the worse.
I know you tried you tried to break free
but in the end it got the best of you
Like a punch to the face it puts me into shock
like a nightmare that just wont ever stop

I know you need me to be strong
but I’m weaker now without you (I need you now like you needed me)
I need you to step away from the edge it's not worth dying for

Trying to remember the past while looking to the future
(we were so young, so innocent)
nothing could ever happen to us
but in the end we got our wake up call

As pressure drops and beating ends I flatline to join the dead

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