"Drown It Out" lyrics


"Drown It Out"

Look into the night, tell me what you see.
You're standing there beside yourself with only your memories.
Of a better time, and a better place, somewhere that you fit in.
If you feel you don't belong, don't let them break the skin.
Don't let me, don't let me let them get to me.
I'll dig down deep and find an outlet for this energy.
If you feel you can relate, come up and grab the mic,
Forget about your problems, lets sing this loud tonight.

When things are as bad as they can be
(You're struggling to find a way out)
Turn up the music, drown it out
Crank the stereo as high as it'll go,
(but these go to eleven)
Your problems are in the past and, there's nothing you can do anyway.

Go on and go find your own way,
Do it for yourself that's all that matters anyway.

Look inside yourself,
embrace who you are.
If the world doesn't like it forget them.

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