"Buck.30 (Almost)" lyrics


"Buck.30 (Almost)"

I’ve been fighting this so long,
lost sight of the finish line.
My empathy’s all gone
I don’t want to fight you any more.

I got no sleep last night
‘Cause now you take me for granted
I can’t believe I got so close…

All I know
Is that the longer I spend
Thinking about her,
The longer I’ll be in bed today.

And even though
No one has asked me today
I’d like to say
I’m pretty sure that I’m ok.

I'd like to think that I never have asked for much,
Clear green eyes to meet and soft, sure hands to clutch.
Truth be told, I never wanted it to hurt as such,
but I guess this is what I get for taking chances.

Can’t stop feeling sorry
Once again you took me for a fool
I can’t believe I let you in…

But I’ll never take
I’ll Never take
I’ll Never take
Your. Way. Out.

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