"Champagne, Cocaine & Strawberries" lyrics


"Champagne, Cocaine & Strawberries"

Champagne, cocaine & strawberries. [x2]

Firs time you down it,
Yeah you'll have a laugh.
Second time you down it,
You'll be low on cash.
Third time you'll fall,
With the alcohol.

Champagne, cocaine & strawberries. [x2]

First time you smoke it,
No you'll never regret it.
Second time you sniff it,
You'll be up to some mischief.
Third time unlucky,

Here we go!

Champagne, cocaine & strawberries. [x2]

Strawberry fields they'll forever appeal,
Their soft red skin is in your mind for real.
Champagne, cocaine & strawberries.

You can sip it, and you can down it.
And you can lick it and like it and light it.
But you can't fight it, ooooh alcohol.

You might loathe it, or even own it.
You can roll it, inject it and sniff it and smoke it,

You can like them, and you can love them.
And you can eat them, but you can't beat them.
Nah nah nah nah nah nah strawberries.

After a couple of drinks, my head starts to spin.
A few more straight tips and I'm losing grip,
My world slowly begins to slip.

Do a couple of lines, lets get high.
Too many more and I'm not keeping score,
You know I secretly want more.

One last time!

Champagne, cocaine & strawberries. [x4]

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