"We're Not Sorry" lyrics


"We're Not Sorry"

Apologies, good friend, for I have none at all! The shame you teach is something to be overthrown. I am who I am, and I’ll never trade that in for a lifetime of despair. We said that we’re not sorry, and we are really not. I’ll have no regrets, ‘cause one day, you’ll be gone and I will have moved on. No poison now, dear friends, for I just have no need; the lies you burn and drink will never set you free. I’ll do what I want, and my life will not be bought by some corporation. My life won’t be run by corporations. Have you seen what they want? They’d rather you be silent. No hope and no free thought -- is that the life you swear by? Have you seen what they want? They’d rather you keep quiet. Don’t give them what they want. Just refuse to comply. We’re all moving on!

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