"The Quiet Of Morning" lyrics


"The Quiet Of Morning"

Remember when you spoke to me in a voice so sincere? You said one day, you’d find a way to erase every fear. The stupid kids we used to be never quite grew up. We’re innocent and young at heart, but out of all our luck. You’re even further now, but I still count down. It’s not like you asked for the world, but I know that you want it. I know that you need it. Well, if you had given me a reason, I’d try to resent it. I’d try not to give in, because I don’t want you to go that way. It seems that every day, we’re walking closer to the end, where all the things that we once loved will never come again. The hopeful eyes we used to have turned cynical in time. Now, every streak of honesty is proof we’re out of line. But I hope that you know I’m not letting go. Now, as we depart for the very last time, will you still hold on or let it pass by? The time that we spent and the friendships we made. Together, we’ll drift away.

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