"Hail To The King" lyrics


"Hail To The King"

Please, take a seat
But don't you dare to speak
'Cause if you make a single peep,
They'll turn you into mystery meat

Don't act surprised
When men with suits and ties
Chase you down for running 'round
And spreading all your filthy lies

Hail to the king
He'll give you what you need
Hail to the king
And you'll never need to think again
He'll be your brain instead
Hail to the king

Life sure is great
When you've gotta watch you say
'Cause if you make just one mistake,
You'll end up on a dinner plate

Boy, ain't it nice
To be on tape your whole life?
All your thoughts are being watched
So make sure you seal your lips tight


I put a finger up
And roll the windows down
And tell the king and queen
I will burn the crown
And I'll dance in its ash

But keep both eyes wide
When I go to bed
'Cause one day,
Cops'll be breaking in

They'll shut my mouth with tape
'Cause I won't hail the king


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