"Override Generation" lyrics


"Override Generation"

Originally by Sobut

Now I'm playin' card
with rigid men are careless about my joke.
Bore, bore, bore. But I keep on winning,
because I play foul.
It's so plausible.
It's like turning up a card...
Override Generation.

Here is only "all or nothing".
The power and the rank are no mean.
Down, down, down. Your luck drop with your sweat.
After all, you have no more what you bet.
I suggest as one view...
Override Generation

It's time, you're aware that I do something crocked.
But you're playin' in a shell.
So you don't know that.
It's waste of time that you keep up anymore.
I'll turn this card,
and it's the end...
Override Generation.

You're bound by common sense.
Fuck you. I wanna kick, kick, kick you.
Boo, shit. I don't know however you cling to me in tears.
Well you lost in this game, so you should fulfill my promise...
Override Generation

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