"The Menagerie" lyrics


"The Menagerie"

Do you know the demons that we face
They have arisen from the seeds we've sewn
I wrote these needles bound for your ears
From every delusion they've chambered down
Cause we're here and we've faced it
Here's the hook and it's baited
Was it clear as it faded away from you
We're working hard in the basement all night long
But I'm not sure, what you want to hear!

We learn

So open up your pretty mouths to feed
I'm spilling blood right now
out of this mind between
cause I've spent my breath
exposing every adhesive side
Turned a back on all of my tact and my rhyme

So run it hard against you teeth right now
Cause I doubt you'll come to know it
When we're here and we're gone
As the seeming overpowers
all the truths that we have made
Where's the blood in your heart
When you leave us in shallow graves

...and soon, we will all...MELT DOWN!

This movie's over so come rewind our reel
We're in the basement asking, "what the fuck's the fuss?"
But...we learn

Listen clear, cause my mouth's not the rifle that it used to be
So Listen clear
You sell it cheap we made these dreams about you feet

Thanks to tyler for these lyrics

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