"Dear Ronnie" lyrics


"Dear Ronnie"

...And I said, "My heart, my heart ain't stronger than this."
"My heart, my heart ain't stronger than this."
As we stood in the winter's cold
And you sold everything that we had in our little home

And I oh I , oh I , yes I am not fine
And I oh I , oh I , yes I am not fine

...And I am not gold, sweet G-d I am not silver
I am only some skipping stone, picked up by a passerby
And clumsily cast in a river

Why was I, oh why'd I have to be
Born into this sedentary carcass
Fastened here for what it seems will be...a lifetime

My once tender shoots are now brittle roots
Despite my demand I will end where I began
So all you men with axes, You children keen to flame
Come burn me into ashes, Come carve me with your names

(Oh what glorious day when we depart)

And the Great Pine said to the Mighty Oak,
"Why can't I sleep through this season with you
'Cause I can't runaway, and I wish not to stay.
I'd severe my roots and kill off my brood
Just to leave my mother's embrace
Oh great mighty oak, how I wish not to stay."

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