"Brim" lyrics



Lookout my son
Stare straight into his eyes
You can't hide from the wicked you've done
But don't fret, in this life you'll be terribly missed
As you enter the others

And they'll open the earth
Prepare our little white beds
And a stone to say here rests your sweet little head
In the morning the dew settles down on the grave
That now is your home

But on into the night, we'll rise right up from the grave
And we'll find them and stare them all dead in the face
This machine won't forget a single thing that you've done
In this life and others.

Six feet down's where you're gonna sleep
Six feet of this earth's gonna set you free
Six feet down's where you're gonna sleep
And my face will be the last that you see

I must confess I wished to find the boy
In the midst of some unthinkable crime
But when the moment came to end his life
I looked into his hopeless little eyes
And I turned away

And I recalled my father many years before
As we sat and watched a robin mend her torn and tattered nest
Only to have the wind come knock it down again
And I cursed the evil gale that cast her nest
And shattered each and every egg
And I hear my fathers voice once again
And he says,

"We must forgive."

Oh don't you know
I'm the dirt's dirt
Worse than the worst you've ever known
I built my home out of prickers and wire
And from my windowsill I see
That there's never been any hope for me

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