"About A Girl" lyrics


"About A Girl"

Na na na na na

There is a girl I like
Met her on a website
There's something magical about her (about her)
She's into movies and
She likes my favourite band
There is an aura that surrounds her (surrounds her)
When she's nervous she bites her nails
She blames life when all else fails
I know I'm meant to be around her (around her)

I hate that I love her
There's no one above her
I can't wait to see her again
To make her my girlfriend

This is a song about a girl
And my imaginary world
Where I can make believe
That she is my girlfriend
She drives me perfectly insane
And she don't even know my name
I'd do whats best for her
If she was my girlfriend

Na na na na na

She blows me out of sight
She wears the clothes I like
I'd pay the price to be beside her (beside her)
She is the sweetest thing
That I have ever seen
She makes me weak I just can't fight her (fight her)
She's perfect the way she is
I can't wait for our first kiss
And maybe one day I'll be inside her

She had me from the very start
She'd try me if she had a heart
She is the apple of my eye
One day I know she'll realise

[sung over out choruses]

This is a song
That I wrote
About a girl
Imaginary world

This is
A song I wrote
In my world
About a girl

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