"I Was Alive For 15 Days In The 80's" lyrics


"I Was Alive For 15 Days In The 80's"

Walked in to the tune of the very last song in the set
I guess there wasn’t much time left
I blinked my eyes, the stage was bare, and I’m still standing there
Not a single note left, just lingering
But still I stood there silent, listening
To the echoes of everything I just missed
Old photographs and memories
Are all that’s left here for me
To show the way things were
Back when life was carefree
Take me back in time
To when the lighters’ glow reflected in your eyes
As you stared out from the stage
Back when all the world was a stage
Well I tried with all my might to re-live those days
I tried to do it through the songs I played
Fell in love with long hair and rock clothes
The big drums and the guitar solos
But through it all, one thing’s missing
And till the day I die I’ll be wishing it was 1984
And that the band was still on tour
I wanna be on the midnight train, going any way
I wanna feel the bite of that November rain
I wanna be 18 till I die
I wanna roll with that sweet child o’ mine
I wanna feel as cold as ice
I wanna feel my heart beat in the still of the night
I wanna meet a girl who’s only seventeen
Just don’t you forget about me
I’m still standing by that stage
I’ll always be standing by that stage

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