"Out Of Time, Out Of Place" lyrics


"Out Of Time, Out Of Place"

A television static grey
A bucket full of ice melted away
A solitary figure with a cigarette
staring out a window into space
If you're waiting for a miracle
there isn't much more time
These feelings once ephemeral are building up inside
Like climbing up a ladder and
preparing for a fall
The last few years of error we were building up a wall
to watch it crumble down

Sitting Pall on a plane
A one way ticket stub now stashed away
Everything in Its new place
Home is just a the vault to escape

I know your disappointed that I've given up my dreams
and found the realization that the people that you meet
aren't always what they promise and they're never what they seem
Unroll a path to follow without knowing where it leads to watch it tumble on

Out of time
Out of place
Sometimes irony can stare you in the eyes
but we both know things are alright
just not the same

This is how it goes
You're out of sight
I'm out of place

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