"New Cliches" lyrics


"New Cliches"

Spoke the lingo, wore the uniform
Found the most original way I could to conform
Wine, women and song
I had my thrills
Ignored my declining health and the mounting bills

But the good fight I fought
Is no longer worth fighting
The hand that never spared a crumb
Is no longer worth biting
I hied to be Peter Pan
But ended up a broken man
In desperate need of figuring out my next half-assed plan

I've written more songs than I can count
About hating everything, getting drunk, self pity and self doubt
All in all I had a blast
But now it seems those times have passed
I pull my pants up to my waist
Removed the piercings from my face
Now I'm just an old man in search of new cliches

All my favorite bands have broken up
Or stayed together too long and now their music sucks
(Propagandhi and the Descendents excluded)
I think I'll just take that as a sign
To move on to lamer pastures and tell my dad that he was right

Alas, I have lost life
You got me good
Kicked me square in the nuts when you knew I had wood

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