"Exit Plan" lyrics


"Exit Plan"

Read the books and seen the shrinks
Nothing has helped the way I think
And I doubt it ever will
Sitting here with all this time to kill
Everytime I go to leave
My heart races, I can't breathe
Out of bullshit strategies
In the nose out through the mouth
Taking pills I can't pronounce
Don't help me now
Sanity's saying "So long"
Panic and anxiety
All but overtaking me
Sad sight indeed
Sanity's saying "So long"

All's well, out of nowhere boom
That familiar feeling of impending doom,
Public places, weekend crowds
I'll die if I don't get out
Think it's time I headed home
All the pointless deep, deep breaths
Have left me with no air left
To tell you I gotta go

I'm not sure what you'd call this,
But I know it's not life
Being scared of my shadow at this just don't seem right

Remember when we'd go out
To get dinner, seen band
Without first coming up
With an airtight exit plan

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