"End Of The World" lyrics


"End Of The World"

Everybody's out of luck
Everybody's out of time
We'll burn the world to save our sons
Now fear October 21
Wondering "what if'' is now too little too late
Judgement has been made

I've given up my savings for the cause
(now that it's fucking worthless)
Why bother with the future when it's gone
(It never really mattered)
You can thank me later when there's there's nothing left
(A necessary evil)
Sorry that I have to be the bearer
but if someone doesn't tell you now
then no one ever will
So swallow up this bitter fucking pill
Now the day has come and gone
The butt of a joke Is what I've become
And by spending everything I had
my wife and children all have left me

Now nothing that I say will be believed
There's little respect for what I achieved
With the never ending reminders
and thousands of "I told you so's"
My mind is moving ever slow
Circling the irony that
in essence my world ended anyway

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