"Boy Is My Face Red" lyrics


"Boy Is My Face Red"

Tell her I'm sorry
I wasn't half the man that she thought
She gut what she paid for
She just didn't realize what she bought
A house built on a fault
With a fresh coat of paint
But a crumbling foundation
Structural damage and poor ventilation
In short, an asshole better with analogies than explanations
If you see her, could you pass this along

Please give my apologies
To Jessica DeVries
And let her know I'm not like that no more
And I don't blame her for
Hating me the way I know she does

I won't get into the specifics
They're equal parts humiliating and horribly horrific
I just cringe
When I think about the man I used to be
I use the term loosely
There were things I never said
But they pale in comparison
To the things I should have never blurted out
Perhaps the biggest shame about having a small brain
It always comes with a big fucking mouth

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