"Month To Month" lyrics


"Month To Month"

The view
around our beds is
boring us
but we like the smell in the air
that gives those memories back

And it’s hard to think you’re happy
just facing that pale tv screen

The hue
of light we all
keep walking
begs another daze
to work it out

And it’s hard to think you’re happy
when all you’ve got is
month to month
month to month

Shadows on the
reddest wall we repaint
every other night or two
I’ve had a few too many and
now I’m leaning
all over you

(On that day we stop to grow up,
I’m afraid I may just fall apart
Abandoning the seeds we’d sown up
before winter calls the spring to start
When all nights begin to fall in
line with what a life’s “supposed to be”
I’ll revel in the thought enduring;
The years long summer
you had given to me)

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