"How I Remember You" lyrics


"How I Remember You"

Did your arms grow those scars this July?
Was it everything you'd thought it'd be?
He broke his arm, while she broke her edge on the floor.
Was it what they call a good time?
Did the girls find their face to the ground?
He's passing out, while she's making out on the porch.

Let it go..what you know
all we know,
let it go.

And there's something about this routine,
that makes all of the girls not so clean.
We're looking after,
our ex-girlfriends laughter,
It's all I hear.
And I hope that you find a safe place,
To lay down the thought of your disgrace.
Don't look behind
It's filthy you'll find
those who line the walls.

Let it go...What you know.
all we know,
let it go.

When he holds your hand,
Does he squeeze too tight?
We both know these burns on your neck don't insight.
Such horrible things.
Do his punishments sting?
Right under your sheets,
right under your sheets.

Let it go.
Let it go
Watch it go
let it go
let it go

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