"Hey, I'm A Ghost" lyrics


"Hey, I'm A Ghost"

Watch from the woods,
the forests on fire.
How can we breathe,
if we're too afraid to ask?
She's so amazing,
she could make orphans tell who their fathers were.

But Does your tongue register the taste,
of every conviction
I'm not ashamed to have?
You know that I will end up alone and I'm not ashamed of that.
So Bite Your Lip,
so we both know he's on the phone
A trip overseas
until we're on again off again soon

So what happens when your
self-respect is rinsed out
of the rag that he soaked you in. He's too physical,
its impossible to appease this boy.
Freeze frame,
ghost of what's left of a girl
who wanted someone when she had it all,
she could walk through walls.
Then again, speaks so well of her transparencies.

So bite your lip,
so we both know he's on the phone.
A trip overseas until were on again off again soon.

The Ghost can see you
The Ghost can see you now

Yesterday I realized I'm watching you die
Is the ink in his veins what's blackened your eye?

Duct tape sorries won't mend this broken heart.
Duct tape sorries won't mend this broken heart.

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