"You Always Know What's Best" lyrics


"You Always Know What's Best"

I know it's late
But I've been up for days
We haven't spoken in far too long
Cause I have nothing left to say
And I'm a mess with all this constant stress
(You always know what's best)
But that won't stop the restlessness

All I have left are
Traces of the city skyline to remind me of
Where I'm from

We can't start over again
"It's so fucking cold"
She said "I don't know what to do Ben"

Cause you always said I'm worth more than I know
You always said I'm to impatient to let things grow
Maybe you're right but there's something you should know

First, close the door
I want you to know that
This love is war
Look out for the mines
Yeah we've all been here before
My body is weak, but my heart can endure

I said "let's just get you in your bed"
Tomorrow we'll sew the seams
And you can tell me about your dreams

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