"Storyteller" lyrics



The midnight drunks go walking.
Happy, looking sad and talking destiny.
This is what the city pays for, I can see.

The neon lights resist the fight
Against separation anxiety.
This is what the city pays for, I can see.

The dream they sell.
I'm hooked; I’m overwhelmed again.
And I wish that I could say that the days alleviate
This artificial pain I never thought that I'd be feeling at this age.

But the drunks don't go to sleep.
They linger just like you and me.
This is what the city pays for, what I need.

What's happened to me?
And then I have those dreams too.
The ones where I'm running around like a fool
To make things better for you.

(Like the good storyteller) you once knew me as.
(Try to hold it in my head) that no time has passed
(Since I stood in circles) with automatic friends,
Not worried that the means justified the end.

'Cause life without love
Keeps my eyes wide.
And my house stays clean
When I don't let people inside.

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