"So Close" lyrics


"So Close"

Featuring Kenny Vasoli

This city has become a commercial for itself (and everyone has all gone to hell).
So look out for the fall, how did the sea become salt?
I asked myself, “how did this land turn to plastic in our hands?”
It wasn’t us (I’m calling your bluff) you never seem to fold soon enough.
No more hiding in dark rooms - they’ll fucking flip the switch and you’ll be dead soon.
Get me the fuck out of here and you’ll see just exactly what this means to me.
And I’m somewhere in between this dark place and a road that I have never seen.
My face is pale white and it’s been too long since I’ve seen light.
So when the night comes I’ll leave this place behind in the dust.
Walls cracking and the smell of rust inside.
No matter where I go this place follows me like home,
And I can’t remember what I’m trying to find.
We’re free (at least ‘till light) I almost thought this was my life,
But you never cease to remind me.
You’ll see (I’m not a ghost) it’s just that I came so fucking close,
And you’ll never know.
We came so close just like an envelope that’s been sealed and sent with no stamp on it.

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