"Keyhole M.O." lyrics


"Keyhole M.O."

You wait for another opportunity to speak.
He looks for another way to bank.
Same affirmation that you get.
Same way you treat everyone you used to know (like shit).

High achieving like they all say that you are,
But you and I both know who sets that bar.
Don't we?

We can't see through the shrouds we don't notice, so replay the sequence.
We're playing buzzword make-believe again (just to get ahead).

And we say pathological liar
Like it's something rare.
We tiptoe through the restaurants, waiting on each other.
The only way to show we care.

(And everything's) going according to an age-old master plan.
(Tagalongs) righting wrongs, we join indifferent hands.

And we say pathological liar like it's something rare.
And you can paint over guilty (but it's starting to show.)
And I want you to know (and I want you to know, and I want you to know)
That measuring stick broke a long time ago.

Thanks to Jake for these lyrics

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