"Engulfed In Flames" lyrics


"Engulfed In Flames"

Vicious illuminating combination
The one that made you feel alone
Sometimes we've all fallen victim to times like these
And all of this tension is expensive; wordlessness a disease
The trough is swept and that's the weight of this plow baby
I can't push it back
Like staring into eyes that say “Please open your heart I am engulfed in flames”
“Put me out again and put the flame to the wolf”
Do you think they'll find out? Mad Conductor don't know you much at all
Eyes glued to your phone careening off a cliff, no service in deaths abyss
I can't push it back as menthol smoke pours out the front door
I can't bullshit back, another Marb Black down the hatch
Saw the words I know you did
I know you did, Mad Conductor
I know you did

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