"You And What Army?" lyrics


"You And What Army?"

Under my command we have
Gained a foothold here
This eroding sand will not
Bid us cover for long I fear
Incoming! Incoming!
I’ve gone to the triarii
Once again those starry eyes
Embroider the night sky,
And I hear the war cry
Stay alert! Stay alert!
Look alive and stay alive
This earth we’re on has gone awry
The anchors are untied
Anchors away
To your feet and to the stars
Follow me, fall, follow me I
Left this one, and call it mine
Follow me, fall, follow me I
Left this one, to draw their fire
Under my command, we have
Gained the higher ground
And my heavy hand can reach
For what it’s bound
If I can get to my feet then I can get to the stars
Just keep in mind, there’s no easy way out
If I can stand, then I can easily get to the stars
On your feet! On your feet!
Cause time is on the others
Keep inside what’s on your mind
Cause I can’t keep holding my tongue and my breath for you
Your wish is my command
My burden and the weight behind my heavy hand
Let my arms be your compass when you’ve washed the stars away
From your eyes and from the skies
Before we’ve lost what’s left to save
And under my command
We’ve gone to the triarii
Dug into the sand that we watched with starry eyes
Allowed our ankles to be cauterized
So there is not a span that we have not memorized
We’d never dare wash the stars off from our eyes

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