"Where Cowards Hide" lyrics


"Where Cowards Hide"

We are not the first to call it like we just can’t see past the lines
That we never drew, by tradition
We all take part in these, and I never would have figured
My conscience would lead me astray
Cause when they call I wouldn’t be listening
And when they fall, I’m flat on my feet
Understand, the boundaries that bound me
Cannot withstand the wake of my will
The strength of my hand
Break this habit of keeping your hands to yourself
Just wishing that somebody would help
Be the good that you wish for
Be the guard on your shoulder
Move my moving parts
Through the vines of this network
Watch me move
I could stay and leave this alone
But I will face this fork in the road
I will bare the wake of my own volition
Never to regret my humble intent
When it happens and their legs lock
Be the one to balance out their shock
I know… I have come to know
The bravest lie that these skies can show
Where cowards hide and wandering eyes
Are found alight and bright upon the fault line
But I can show where my heart is and I know where to find
The lights that come alive
Cause we all hope to shine, so we bat our eyes
At our own demise
At the bottom line
Where our hearts won’t grow, our breath won’t let
My teeth fail to show so just follow my lead
And look before you leap
But don’t just stand and watch me
Well if I can get to my feet then I can
Get to the stars so I have a hand in
How they shine and how they align
I will not reshape my prints for
My heart is heaviest
With holes to fill

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