"Until We Have Faces" lyrics


"Until We Have Faces"

We hang our flesh on the products of our bones
Of hot steel to stone, for our frames until we can
Distinguish our breath from our words
The prayer from the verse
The lie from the curse
Oh and how can you hear?
If my words will not sound
But instead find ways to starve your ears

If you could and if you would
Show me again, show me again where my pieces fit
And every breach is knit
Once I ordinate my coordinates
(With) Air in the lung
A slip of the tongue
Will I fall away?
Chemicals that conjugate
Will help my arms…

Set me straight
Once again until I
Have all my limbs arranged
(No) Face to face until we have faces
Face to face until then

How unaccomplished visions seem to mock my dreams
When eyes and ears tangle in the crease

In the wake and on my way
Coming along, coming along as the dots connects
And every line is met
With air in the lung
A slip of the tongue
Will I fall away?
Oh I know why, oh I know
So I know why, so why ask?

With clear wits and ready tongues
Our own words betray our lungs
Much like how we must learn to crawl before walk
We must learn to speak before we talk

Until that word finds a sound
Of what we think we mean
We can’t meet face to face
Till we have faces

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