"This Ain't No Fashion Show" lyrics


"This Ain't No Fashion Show"

You thank the walls for their echoes as if there was no voice at all
One that resounds from a perfect direction
And plots its course by the point of the sword
When the kiss in the crosshairs fails to make contact
Dare we hang our heads upon our evidence?
Calm as we stand to shake their guilty hands
This is no place for a child
Who has yet to yield to the note of a censor
Who has yet to bare the wrath
Of the wake, behind the warning
Or has yet to hold their breath
If we find a way…
Put their faults away, under the cover of a shroud
Then we bare the shame…
Of a darker name than of the hearts we hope to change
We learn much from the parts we show
Oh if only my voice could
Hereby deny your hold on the ground
Then my closed fists would be free to weather the sun
Help to make right what I’ve let you wrong
To forgive where censor is due
Flaws my grain, and further to you
Not this time, I wont be so quick to
Further my flaws
I wont stand firm so you can learn
But I can’t let go, for I am of a stronger salt
One that only fails to hide in hope
Play the role of a note in a chord
But I know they will not learn on their own accord
We’re just trying to soften the blow,
But my mercy will never show
With our lesson hushed with compassion
By the hand that holds the door
We look on with open arms
As they grow into
Something but nothing more
This is tough love
If we find a way to work around
Put their faults away, under the cover of a shroud
Then we bare the shame as we avow,
Of a darker name than the hearts we hope to change

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