"The Getaway" lyrics


"The Getaway"

So let me know when you’re ready to come back and face me
Cause your eyes don’t phase me anymore
And if you could be so confident staying where you stand
Then I could keep it all according to plan
And I’ve been up here passing the hang time of a day when we were
Tugging at the sky, tugging at the wrong time
And I’ve been entertaining the thought of a night when
My fingers could be a filter for moonlight
Bring me what is broken, and bind them free
Bare this indecision, until we find a better breed
Why don’t you tell me where I should begin
And whether I should sink or swim
I’m wondering, does this break even
When an army of escape routes keeps me in
Who would figure, if I ever had a getaway I would only hesitate
And they would slip away
And I’ve been up here counting the straight lines
So you believe the mark of my words by the markings on the wall
And I am sick of waiting for another escape plan
So I’ll just make a break for it tonight
But wandering without direction keeps your hands in front
Feeling for your future, fearing for the path you’re on
We left in the night with a reason, to feel the sunrise on our backs
This false hope is right in the season, and we know that
We’re not coming back
I can’t hold still, any longer
I’ve had my fill, so I’ll be on my way

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