"The Coldest Of Notions" lyrics


"The Coldest Of Notions"

Here are your options
Take this and run
Or retrace your footsteps
(But) What’s done is done
Danger is quick here
Not to deter
Answers are found here
But not in words

We both know
Our eyes have swept over this ocean
From the sharpest shores and their rocks
Just to feed the coldest of notions
To teach the most hopeless of hearts
That there is more than these precious stones

But this is nothing
A pebble in the soil you sleep on,
A carbonated coral neon
If you take this don’t let go
And when I say, go

We are the painted targets at home
Before the moat and behind the walls
Pray their crosshairs never find your kiss

This has gone overlooked
The water in the dark
Where we can wash our parts
But what makes us clean?

Just pray these marks are yours
This earth is wet, these prints are fresh
Their eyes may fall on us
Let’s hope that you keep your wits and your step in line

Before you leave here
Look back on us
Relive the notions
Felt on the rocks
And though we part here
It’s not a loss
Because the oceans
Still love the rocks

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