"The Breath And The Breathing" lyrics


"The Breath And The Breathing"

Sing along
Cause I have the will and you have the way
Breathe life into the words I say
Sing along, come on and sing along with love
Come on and sing with me
Don't deny believing the heart of hope is beating
When loves bares its tongue in song.
So breathe again and kiss your breath goodbye
I reckon we must give if we are to survive
I am the law, and I give the orders
I'll sing along, I'll give and y'all can take.
There is no wrong if we can sing along
With the love that carbonates your blood
I am sonic. The break between the breath and the breathing
I am sound, the proof in your lungs
I'll be your voice, but only if you know to sing along, sing loud.
And learn how our words can make a sound
That force the solar winds, to shake the ground
Keep it moving cause I'm going to save you
And I never thought I'd ever let it get this far
Keep it moving cause like I said
This is how you let love breathe again.

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