"No Use For Needles" lyrics


"No Use For Needles"

Here comes the anesthesia
It's coming straight from your hips
We've got no use for needles
We've got this all under our belt
Sirens fill the air waves
Warning lights scale the sea
Doctor make the incision
I don't know how much longer I can wait

The journey from left to right has never been so far
Straight lines never lied to me before
Has time become a matter of machines that lie as well?
Or is definition something out of reach?

Their shotguns came with their own bullet holes

Here comes the euthanasia
They may have given up on me
Here comes the euthanasia
It seems they've given up on me
This time we need a needle, quick and easy
How sad when the shotgun keeps the beat for my heart

Fear is no sin sweetheart
They only like the way it tastes

Composed of words that never should have made it past the suffix
Lethargic at the root

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