"Melee" lyrics



So when you know where my parts ache
My dear remove your blades
And tie my heartstrings back again
Until they unwind

How long will my gears turn?
How deep will my aim burn?

Wait for the sirens to come around again
I’ll hide my hands from the rose
Wait for them
I’ll hide my hands

Will my prints grace every shore?
No bounds will break my oars
‘Cause I can see and I can breathe, I’m only hanging overboard
So read my lips and fill me in cause I am not done breathing yet

Why sweeten our tongues, if only salt drips from our brow
Why fill our own lungs, if not a word will make a sound
There’s no coincidence here
We wouldn’t climb just to look down
Our words will sound

Take your time, I’ll take mine

I know how hard it is to lift up a tired hand
That’s wide of the mark and quick in the sand
Lift your hand.

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