"Hardwired And Inspired" lyrics


"Hardwired And Inspired"

These lights come alive when you know,
Where to apply, where to bat your eyelash
And if you could see, what I can see…
Your eyes keep my synapse alight
So when the winds sync with science fiction
And hardwired hands paint electric apparitions
That spark along the lines, that bring dimension and design
You should know by now, you can count on me to find you
‘Cause I will draw you out
For myself
Break, the salted threshold in my skull
And fire on every inhibition, that’s tied between cheek
Find your way through the cobwebs and set my eyes free
Break my lungs from hyperventilation
That’s how they learned to breathe
And once again my hand is last to know
Exactly where this pen deserves to go
To make a mark that fits the color code
Organized in ordered pairs
And the hazel, on your hair
We are the spark of hope
From the lights behind your eyelash
That beg to breathe
That brighten my dreams
Of arms tangled in their own schemes
To your kiss that breaks our between
(My own hands could not save you now,
Try to stay between the lines
My own hands could not draw you out
Out of sight and out of mind)

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