"Delayed Reflections" lyrics


"Delayed Reflections"

Show me yours and I’ll show you mine
There is more if you read between the lines
That evade expiration
And ply the stock of our imagination
To air a sign, to bait the beat of our hearts
And keep us in time
Understand when you turn your back
You only hide what’s on your face
Never to find what proof you lack
But only the greatest show of faith
And I could never find all that’d once been said to me but
I know this is not a worthy fight,
It’s time to call on the proof that they meant
When they lit their words but far too bright
With your hands to your ears and your head high,
You can’t see or hear how you just prove
That which you deny. A fit set
To balance the lines that trace your eyes
Look what you’re falling for, and you’re so enlisted
But it’s all the same, and the walls that you hold up
Only stand to weigh against you
But I know when I’ve said enough,
To sew deep with all this love
And run my hands through the weakest will
Your calling cards call on all your bluffs
To show me that sure enough
The heart is heaviest with holes to fill
You can try but you wont find
A way to guess the guesswork out
So publish trust in your predictions
For we are merely delayed reflections

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