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So walk me through this house of cards that begs the world to shake
That mock the winds that carve the world from breaths we take
Step by step, show me how this holds together
When my tongue reaches the end of its tether
And I trust that this is clockwork, every piece its part
Cause that’s just how we roll, these gears don’t come apart,
And I’ve seen a clock strike harder than my second hand
And I’ve seen a shadow casting over my demands
So tell me young Euthyphro what makes us just
To love or to be loved my friend? Your words I can trust…
To run in circles about that which you speak
For I am your disciple, rare friend, enlighten me
Move me through your wisdom
From knowledge to truth
Show me how your fixed position tend to move
How do you detain them as you say I do?
It’s obvious that you’ve got something left to prove
And I’ve got a guiding passion guiding me home
And I’ve got all night… I’ve got news for you
There are things that you can see without eyes
There are things that you can see without lines
This is logic, the greatest of arts
This is logic, the truth you take apart
There’s not a flaw, if every piece has its part
There’s not a flaw, I’ll turn your world upside down
Because wisdom waits within its void
While you wheel, while you deal,
I’ll only watch the world bring you down

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