"Missing Without You" lyrics


"Missing Without You"

Finding a way for my words to be spoken
I never thought our front teeth could be broken
all of the joy when I dream has been stolen
I fell right through a trap door that I opened
and there's no way
that you'll turn my body away
I'll blow away
if you take you're body away
and when there's a hole in my head
you kiss me instead
and the demons fall down dancing around my bed
and the sky won't turn red
when yo'ure in the bed
so stay stay stay

sell your soul to me
this way I know you belong to me
sell your soul to me
this way I know you belong to me
sell your sould to me
I'm missing without you

Too many times I've let love pass
driving further away but I'm all out of gas
never did I think I'd find you
so I sit down and write these words in tribute
don't push it away these words are sincere
since you, my everday has been so clear
I thank you for everything I truly do
with this song please carry on
and I'll be here thinking of you

cause this time I finally got it figured out
I'm missing without you
in tribute we stand
I'm missing without you

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