"If Only For Memories" lyrics


"If Only For Memories"

When you were born you were not alone
Nothing was carved into the stone
Quite yet but don't forget
You heard someone say it won't get better than this
That was the sound of your father
As he held you up to your mother
No one will ever know
The love as pure as the one that you felt right then

They held you up, they held you up
And everybody else they fell to the wayside
This is the start, the beginning
The prologue to the yarn that you're spinning
A million synonyms will never come close to describe the feeling

Don’t ever leave cause if you do dear
I guarantee that you’ll regret
The day you did
And you’ll miss all the simple things
And you’ll see everything you ever loved
Start fading till there's nothing left but dust

And I believe that every broken bone is meant to be
And when it heals it will be stronger than it was before
And I see the things that I pretend that I don't see
And I store them in my head, love
If only for memories

So now you’re young and you feel alone
Despite friends, family, and all the good things now surrounding you
You can’t help thinking
Oh there's gotta be some more to do
When all the things that you cherish
Turn into burdens and there is
No other path to take
You know what you gotta do but you don’t know how

They hold you back
They hold you down
And you’re gonna feel bad but you know that you gotta get out
This is your pain your dilemma
Will you stay in the town where they raised you
Or will you sail away
Pull the anchor and go in for the come what may

You have to leave
Cause if you don’t dear
You’ll never see the things you read about in books
You saw the films and you were hooked
But everything you want won’t come to you
And you realize now that you gotta go see this through

[Chorus x2]

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