"We're Alright" lyrics


"We're Alright"

You know the Street Brats always get the blame
All these cops they know my name
That's fine with me, I'll keep on running
I'm not dumb and I'm not blind
Kids like us get left behind
That's fine with me, good friends are hard to find

It's alright, we're alright

Wake up and see the light
It's ten years later, we're doing alright
The pain is gone and now
I've found the strength to carry on
We're living our lives, we're living on dreams
These criminal kids do criminal things
Don't know where were gonna go
Or where we're gonna be
But I'll believe in you and you believe in me

It's alright, we're alright

Once upon a time
I learned to hate
Once upon a time
It's never too late
Once upon i time I walked a thin line
I told myself we'll get it next time
I made a decision I made up my mind
We're alright
We're alright now

It's alright, we're alright

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